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Blackjack is a very popular game and is now most often played in the casino. Casinos in South Africa have become a very lucrative business.  In blackjack one of the most popular methods of attempting to cheat the system is by the person by card counting. This method involves a person counting the cards that are dealt and then estimating and using probabilities to estimate what other cards will still be drawn. Online blackjack has become very popular thanks to online casinos. Blackjack online is the same as blackjack in the casinos but the dealer is computerized.

The easiest way to learn blackjack is to find a person who already plays it or even a tutorial. The basic aim of blackjack is to beat the dealer. The person must get to number of twenty-one and if the go over or even less than the dealer they will lose.  The best blackjack strategy is to always either get twenty-one or to get more than the dealer. This will help the person win money most of the time. Sitting at a blackjack table can often be very intimidating especially if it is the first time. The dealer blackjack is trained to have a very “still face” and to try and get the person to lose their money to the casino. There are several different blackjack strategies. They can be found in many books written for blackjack and how to improve a person’s game.

A blackjack card is often just an ordinary deck of cards; usually a single deck is used. These decks are often changed frequently. This is to help prevent fraud. To play blackjack is fairly easy. It is one of the most common games played in the casinos and online. This game is also played in illegal betting houses. This is because the favour is always in the dealer, so the “house” is always in the favour of winning.  Blackjack is just a normal card game, but when betting and money is played for then it becomes gambling. In some cases money might not be used but certain objects can, for instance a person’s car.