Baccarat is one of the most popular of all casino games. One of the reasons why this game has remained popular over the decades is because there are so many enjoyable variations of the classic casino game to choose from. Baccarat en Banque is a particularly favoured version of Baccarat.

There are a few differences between the traditional version of Baccarat and Baccarat en Banque. It should be noted that the traditional version of the game usually uses eight decks of playing cards. The Baccarat en Banque version only uses three decks of standard playing cards. The role of the Banker is not fixed and does not rotate from one player to the next. When playing Baccarat en Banque, the Banker is always the player who has bet the largest sum of money.

One of the riskiest and probably the most exciting of all plays in Baccarat is to choose to go bank. All players have this option. When a player chooses to go bank, he or she is betting the entire Banker’s total in order to beat them. This can be done all in one go or the total can be split over 2 hands.

If the player wins then they would swap roles with the Banker. Most land based casinos limit the amount of times that a player can choose to go bank and lose. Many online casinos however, do not place any limits on the go bank play and players can go bank for as long as they have enough money available to do so.

If you are used to playing the more traditional form of Baccarat then the Baccarat en Banque rules may seem a bit strange at first. However, the game is easily learnt and players will find themselves playing it with ease in no time at all.

One of the reasons why so many players choose to enjoy Baccarat en Banque is because it allows for much more use of strategy than traditional Baccarat games do. Players can also benefit from much larger payouts if they win when playing Baccarat en Banque.