Baccarat terms can be quite confusing to a player who is unfamiliar with the game. This is a guide to all the basic baccarat terms.

  • Baccarat: This is the name of the game and is means “zero”. This terms is a term that is used to describe the worst possible hand that can be dealt, i.e. one that has a total value of zero.
  • Banco: This term is used to refer to the Banker and it is also a phrase that is used to describe the situation where a player chooses to wager all their money available.
  • Banker: The banker is one of the available options that players have when choosing their bet. Due to the higher house edge that comes with this bet, a 5% commission is generally paid to the house when a player wins after betting on the banker.
  • Player: This is another one of the options available when a player is trying to decide which bet to place. They can either bet on the player to win, the banker to win or on a tie between the two.
  • Croupier/ Dealer: This is the individual who represents the casino, i.e. is an employee of the casino, and deals or facilitates the dealing of the cards.
  • Dragon Bonus: This side bet can be placed in favour of the punto or banco. The winning hand will need to win by 4 or more points. If they win by a natural then it is also accepted when playing the dragon bonus.
  • House edge: The house or the casino will always a better chance of winning than the player. The house edge is a measurement of how much of an advantage they actually have. The lower the house edge; the more chance the player stands of winning.
  • Le Grande/ Natural: This is the best possible hand that can be dealt during a game of baccarat. A natural or le Grande will occur when a hand is dealt that has a total value of nine.
  • Run: This is a type of side bet that may be available when playing baccarat. Players have the option of placing a bet on the outcome of successive hands dealt at the baccarat table.