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Chemin de Fer is a form of baccarat that is not easy to find in North America because there, the main baccarat game is the American version, known as American baccarat. Chemin de Fer is actually a European version of baccarat and is very popular particularly in French casinos.

Chemin de Fer follows the same basic rules as any other version of baccarat in so far as the objective of the game is still the same, reaching or hitting nine or as close to it as possible. The way that each hand value is determined also follows exactly the same process as other versions of baccarat.

Where the main difference really comes in is in how the banker is utilized. For example, in the American version of baccarat the banker s actually the representative of the casino and the players actually bet against the banker. The casino, also known as the house, funds the banker for the entirety of the game.

In the Chemin de Fer version, the banker is not the representative of the casino and is not funded by the casino either. The role of the banker in Chemin de Fer is actually shared among players; this rotates among them in a clockwise direction. The role of banker is not a mandatory one and any player who does not wish to be the banker simply refuses and it moves on to the next player in line.

The role of the casino in Chemin de Fer baccarat is to be the provider of the house, in other words, where the game is played, the table on which the game is played and the dealer. The casino then gets paid for this service by taking five percent of the winning bets.

Drawing card rules are also slightly different. In American baccarat players must draw on five or less while in Chemin de Fer things are much more flexible. Here players can choose to draw or stand on a five. The differences are quite subtle for the most part and the core of the game remains the same.