The CoolCat online casino is currently not the most popular online casino at the moment, with a number of players complaining about poor custom service, slow pay out rates and even a few complaining about the confiscation of their winnings. Never the less the casino still enjoys its fair share of patronage from the online casino gambling community.

The CoolCat online casino is also well known for having a very minimalistic approach to the look and feel of its casino interface. This is actually preferred by many online casino players who would prefer to dispense with the bright lights and glitz and glamour and instead get down to playing casino games.

There are quite a few online casino games available at the CoolCat online casino and they include a good selection of all the classic casino games that you would expect to find at any decent online casino including table games like baccarat both American and French, various types of roulette, craps and various choices in blackjack as well. There are actually over a hundred different casino games available at this online casino which also include a number of non – table based games like slots and video poker.

There is also a handy choice that you can make between instant play, flash play and the actual download version. Customer support is most popularly accessible via instant chat and the casino supports a variety of different languages as well to make things a bit easier for international online players.

One thing that should be mentioned is that this online casino offers a no deposit bonus but due to a number of incidents involving internet scammers now enforces a very lengthy and complicated screening process. This is a no negotiating process that must be followed both in terms of joining the casino as well as getting your winnings from the casino. So if you are a patient kind of person then this should not really be that much of a problem for you. this is not that much of a problem for many of its players.