The basis of any review should be that the reviewer is objective about all aspects of the place or product that he / she is reviewing. You cannot place your personal feelings in a review as this would be unfair towards the institution you are reviewing.

When you have to review an online casino there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. First of all you need to make a note of how long the online casino website has been in existence and how many positive reviews it has received from other reviewers. Then make an appointment to sit down and really study the online website and the gambling process that people go through.
You need to check whether what they have on offer is actually available. For instance, if they say they have 99 different slot machine games to choose from, they need to have 99 different slot machine games to choose from. Make a note of defective links on the website so that you can also bring it under the management’s attention in your review.

Does the website have a customer service centre number or email address and does it actually work when you try to contact someone. This is very important because online gamblers need to be able to report a problem right away. If they cannot do this, they might lose money in the process.

If the online jackpot game offers a jackpot of three million dollars guaranteed, find out if anyone has ever won this jackpot and if there is proof that the money was paid to the winner. This is essential as you do not want people to gamble online just to find they have wasted their time and money because the jackpots never get paid out.
If the online casino offers a rewards or loyalty programme find out exactly how it works and if online gamblers are actually being rewarded as stated on the website. All in all, your review should reflect the true state of the website and whether the online gambling really is all above board or not.