European baccarat is the original version of baccarat, the same version that was played in casinos all across Europe more than two hundred years ago. A later variation of European baccarat came about after baccarat was introduced to the new world, this version is known today as American baccarat. European baccarat essentially differs from American baccarat in two distinct ways.

In European baccarat the player has the option of standing on five or drawing on five. The banker is actually controlled by the casino dealer and has the option of drawing a third card. Despite the differences the European version of baccarat follows the same rules as that of the American version of baccarat save for the actual French terms used in European baccarat.

The banker is financed by the casino so the banker funds for example, one thousand five hundred. This means that if the first player bets a thousand and the second player bets five hundred then effectively no other player can bet on that round anymore.

If the player wants to cover the entire hand however then he has to call out “banco”, this then means that no other player is able or permitted to make any bets during that round. Any players that choose to bet with the bank are charged four or five percent of their winnings when the banker wins. This is the same as any other version of baccarat however.

European baccarat may be the original version of baccarat and is still sometimes referred to as French baccarat but all versions of baccarat whether they are European baccarat, American baccarat or even mini baccarat, all seem to be enjoyed with the same amount of enthusiasm and vigour.

Baccarat is also traditionally regarded as the most aristocratic and noble of all casino games and is traditionally, along with roulette, considered to be the very cornerstone of the classic casino industry. If you happen to go to a land based casino, you will invariably see that the baccarat tables are either completely cordoned off with ropes or are placed in an entirely separate in an effort tom maintain that sense of exclusivity.