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No online casino worth its salt doesn't have a match casino bonus offer of some kind for one simple reason - most online gamblers love free cash. Bonuses are a casino's way of rewarding players for signing up and making a deposit. They are also a way of measuring how superior they are to their rivals, because of all the criteria used to judge how good an internet casino is, the size of its bonus is one of the most important. Read on to find out everything important about welcome match bonuses.

What is a Match Casino Bonus?

  • A match casino bonus is a welcome bonus offered by an online casino to newly depositing players that 'matches' their first or first few deposits as per a specified percentage, up to a maximum specified amount.
  • Also called a casino sign up bonus, this bonus is very common and popular in the online casino industry as it encourages players to sign up with the promise of receiving a wad of free cash on top of their deposit.
  • Very often the first thing players notice when they visit a casino for the first time is its welcome bonus offer. This typically highlights the maximum amount players can claim and in most cases by what percentage.
  • Casino match bonuses vary from casino to casino so some are far more generous than others. Many players only select online casinos with the most generous bonuses as they will bolster their funds the greatest.
  • While casino deposit bonus offers are considered 'free cash,' players should always remember that to claim them they must first make a deposit. The more they deposit, the more their casino account will expand.
  • This article will run through casino match bonuses in great detail, including how to claim a bonus, what players should know about this type of bonus, and, of course, which casinos offer the best deposit bonuses.

How Does a Casino Sign Up Bonus Work?

  • When players have signed up with an online casino of their choice, and are in the process of making a deposit, they are given the option to claim a bonus offer for free cash. This is a choice solely for the player.
  • Once a player's deposit has gone through and their funds have been cleared, both their deposit amount and their bonus amount will reflect in their real money online casino account, ready to be accessed and used.
  • Some online casinos require players to enter a special code or coupon to activate a bonus. But whatever the activation method, players should be aware that once they've claimed a bonus, it cannot be unclaimed.

How To Claim a Casino Deposit Bonus?

  • Once players have made your way to their chosen casino's banking page, selected a method of payment and the amount to transfer, they are given the choice to claim a bonus offer.
  • If they decline the bonus, only their actual deposit will appear in their account. If they accept the bonus, both their actual deposit as well as their bonus will appear in their account.
  • Players must be aware that all casino match bonuses come with terms and conditions, i.e. fine print. It's advisable to always read the fine print carefully before committing to a bonus.

What is Casino Welcome Bonus Fine Print?

  • To ensure there are no misunderstandings regarding their bonus offerings, online casinos highlight how their bonuses work and what players need to know in their terms and conditions.
  • For instance, they highlight the bonus minimum wagering requirements which is how many times a player's deposit + bonus has to be wagered (such as 30x) before it may be redeemed.
  • Casino bonus fine print also explains how the wagering requirements vary based on the type of casino game being played. For instance, slots typically have a 100% wagering requirement, which means players can meet the full requirement playing nothing but slots if they choose. However, because video poker usually only meets 20% of the requirement, players have to play other types of games to meet the outstanding 80% in order to redeem the bonus i.e. be permitted to cash out any winnings generated through game play using their deposit + bonus.
  • Bonus terms and conditions also highlight the minimum and maximum deposit amounts players must make in order to claim a bonus.

An Example of Deposit Casino Bonus

GdayLeading NetEnt-powered Gday Casino is offering a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to $500 free. The 100% means players can double their playing funds up to a maximum $500. So if they deposit $100, for instance, their Gday account would automatically be credited with $200. If they deposit $300, they'd receive $600, and if they wanted to receive the maximum bonus, they'd have to deposit $500 to receive $1,000. The minimum wagering requirement of this bonus is 35x, which means players would have to wager the sum of their deposit + bonus x 35, which in the case of a $500 deposit, is $35,000.

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Casino Bonus Deposit FAQs

  • Is bonus money free money?

Yes and no. Yes, bonus cash is free real money awarded to players by the casino, and no as players are initially required to make a deposit in order to claim it.

  • Is bonus money a scam?

No. Casino bonus money is offered to all players who deposit, with all the ins and outs explained in the bonus fine print. It makes players funds to go much further.

  • Can bonuses be cancelled once claimed?

No. Once players have read the bonus Ts &Cs and activated it, they must use up the bonus entirely and complete its wagering requirements in full.

  • Can deposit bonuses be used to cheat online casinos?

No. Due to the stringent terms and conditions and wagering requirements that accompany bonuses, they cannot be used to cheat casinos.

  • All bonus wagering requirements the same?

No. Every online casino has its own bonuses with their own wagering requirements. The bonus terms and conditions will reveal their differences.