Blackjack is a casion game of cards which needs skill, strategy and ofcoarse in-depth thought. Gamblers play blackjack with strategies to win big. Playing blackjack with a well thought out effective strategy benefits them and helps them become good blackjack players.

In blackjack it is the gamblers own strategy and skill that determines his winnings. Of all the other casino games, blackjack Is one of the most successful win rates, especially for gamblers who know what they are doing.

Blackjack has three most popular and main strategies that are used by gamblers. They are called: the basic strategy, the intermediate strategy and the advanced strategy.

The basic strategy consist of a mathematically proven formula for success. This strategy helps the gambler determine which decision is the best to make in a certain situation. Such as whether to hit, stand, double, split or surrender. By following the basic strategy you can lower the casinos advantage to less than 1%.

The intermediate strategy helps a gambler bet in a way that increases his payout over many hands instead of just one, depending on what cards he holds and the outcome of each hand. It is a mathematically sound strategy.

The advanced strategy is the strategy which helps the gambler take advantage of profitable situations. Gamblers take advantage placing high bets on hands they are more likely to win. Because advanced strategies are the most effective of the three, casinos have tried changing their practices to beat the strategy.

There isn’t a best strategy for blackjack, but there is a blackjack strategy that works best for a gambler. Blackjack strategies all depend on your skill and the effort and time you spend on a strategy. Simply strategies are played more accurately and a gambler makes fewer mistakes. A blackjack strategy is meant to make the gambler look laid back and relaxed. A gambler isn’t meant to look uptight and appear to be card counting.

To be a perfect blackjack player you need to try out different strategies and choose the one which is best suited for you, this way you can choose a strategy which helps you successfully strategise looking relaxed and natural. If you are tense, casino employees will notice your card counting and you could be escorted from the casino.