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Everyone will always agree that Albert Einstein was very clever man. He did all kinds of wonderful things in the world of science and without taking away anything from his scientific achievements; one should not forget the contribution he made to the world of gambling. Einstein discovered that blackjack is the game where the odds of the casino winning are no better than yours. It is essential to follow the rules of blackjack strategy if you would like to capitalise on Einstein’s theory. One of the most important bits blackjack strategy is the playing of soft hands.
Before the soft hand strategy is discussed one needs to remember some principles to the game of blackjack. Ten is the most common card value, sixteen out of the fifty two cards in a deck carries a value of ten, and this is why you always assume that the dealer has a ten and that you will most likely receive a ten when you take a hit.
A soft hand is one that contains an ace. The ace is important because to can be worth either 11 or 1. So when you are faced with the soft hand of either 13 or 14, you have to take the hit. The logic behind this thinking is quite simple: if you take the hit and a ten comes up it will bring you back to same value that you had before e.g. 4 or 14 becomes 14 or 24 when you draw a ten. 9 is an equally neutral card when sitting on the soft hand of 13 or 14; because it does really add anything to your total. Anything less than eight is a very good draw when sitting with 14. And if you are on 13 then anything less than 9 will make you smile.
The ten rule is very important for the dealer too, because if you see the dealer has anything higher than 5 showing then it makes it even more crucial that you draw on soft hands like 13 and 14 because if he/she draws a ten (which you expect), then you are beaten.
These strategy laws for blackjack really are the key to any kind of success.