Blackjack is a casino game with  many winning strategies, following these blackjack tips might improve your chances to win.

The best thing to do is to first have a few practice runs playing online blackjack. Play as many practice runs as possibly can, this way you might not lose unnecessary money. Many online casinos offer a practice mode with an autoplay selection to help you. Always budget before you start playing, this way you can see if you have the money or not and in turn you won’t overspend. Gamblers tend to overspend thinking their next hand will be luckier. Never choose a table with a max bet higher than 5%, by doing this you will have more fun and will play longer. Work out a basic strategy, memorise it and then apply it to your gameplay. Always stick to your strategy that you chose no matter what happens. Always think 21, this is the aim to blackjack.

Get as close as possible to 21, do not try and beat or copy the dealers gameplay. You are more likely to lose playing this way. Insurance is for card counters and online game play doesn’t offer insurance. Do not try card counting on online blackjack as this is impossible. Do not attempt to split face cards or tens, only split 8’s or ace cards. Always know when is the best time to hit or stand. When reaching 17 or higher always hit hard, always stand on a 17 or higher and hit soft on an 18 especially if the dealer has a 10.

Always remember to watch the values. If the dealer is holding a 7 or higher then the gambler must play up to 17 or higher value. Against a dealer a 4, 5 or 6 double up with a 9. And always play soft hands with 13 – 17 values. Always double your 10 value against a dealer who has a 9 or lower, double with any hand value of 11. Always remember playing with variety is a key component in blackjack. Always vary your betting amounts always depending on your results. Always increase your betting amount when you are winning and lower your betting amount when you are losing. Most of these tips are forgotten in the excitement and rush of blackjack.