No Deposit Bonus Guide 2016

There is so much fun to be had in the world of online casinos and better yet, there is potentially a ton of money to be won. As casino enthusiasts, we are very fortunate to have thousands upon thousands of promotional offers to choose from. One of the most enticing no doubt is the no deposit bonus code, which as you will soon learn, come in many shapes and sizes.

This website is dedicated to the world of free bonuses that require no deposit to be made. It is aimed at players who look for no deposit casinos where they can trust the games they play and the know the online casino will pay out their winnings.

The best thing about our site is that we add new offers all the time.

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The History of No Deposit Bonus Codes

During the early years of online casinos, there were many no deposit codes to choose from. They had pretty lenient terms, and all too often were too good to be true. Unfortunately players frequently ran into problems when the time came to cash out their money. Too many casinos seemed to make up the rules to suit them, and there was not enough scrutiny. They used to get away with it. Well, not any longer.

Fast Forward - What You Can Expect Today

Three things have changed over the last couple of years:

  1. Intense scrutiny of online casinos: there are many independent entities like us who monitor the online casinos. A bad egg is quickly identified and we remove sites that are known for dodgy tactics.
  2. Transparency of rules: online casinos have learnt that rather than hide the fine print, make them transparent so players know what to expect before they play. This is a win-win situation for everyone concerned.
  3. Better offers: no deposit offers now take on all sorts of forms including free spins and free play with time limits. Players have more choice, which is a good thing.

What Do You need To Know?

Here are our five most important tips, not just for new casino fans but old hands alike:

  1. There is no free lunch: There is no free cash in this world. That’s right. Other than a handful of cash back bonuses that pay back on losses, online casinos do not give away free cash. It’s bonus money and there is a big difference
  2. Know the numbers: Understand the rules, and in particular, the wagering multiple. Make sure you understand clearly how much you need to wager before you can cash out.
  3. Know the game rules: Can you play any games with the bonus or just slots? Are you allowed to play only one game by name? Make sure you know this. If you end up playing the wrong games you may not be able to cash out any winnings.
  4. Know the cashout limits: This is critical. ALL no deposit bonuses have a limitation on how much money you can cash out. That is just the way it works. Free spins are different, but free chips limit how much you can win. Avoid disappointment by being informed.
  5. Demand answers: If you are unsure about anything, ask before you play. Email the casino, or ask us.

Got It. What Do You Do Now?

Get playing of course! We have hundreds of free money offers of all kinds. You will find offers suited to certain game types like slots or blackjack as well as ones that may be tailored to your country. Use our main menu to find a list of offers that best suits your needs. You can claim as many as you like so you can keep coming back for more. Good luck!